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SCHMETZ Color Coded Needles



Euro-notions is excited to announce color coding of SCHMETZ home sewing needles - needle system 130/705 H. Most needles now have two bands of color. The top color band indicates needle type and the lower color band indicates needle size.

Due to special features, SCHMETZ Universal, Hemstitch, Double Eye, and Quick Threading needles will have only one color band to identify needle size.

As non-color coded needles are phased-out, the new color coded inventory are identified with an additional color coded dot on the shelf pack label. This allows easy identification for your warehouse to first pick and ship non-color coded inventory to your customers.

We are excited at this huge convenience to the sewing world. It is hard to improve on the highest quality sewing machine needle in our industry, but SCHMETZ listened to the sewing public and dealers.


CLICK HERE to download the Color Code Chart.


SCHMETZ Embroidery Gold 75/11



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