September                                              2020


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The world is sewing! Thankfully, SCHMETZ continues the manufacturing of our favorite needles with safety practices in place. With the abrupt halt to worldwide mass production of assorted goods, SCHMETZ shifted manufacturing priorities from commercial and industrial needle production to all home sewing needles. Let me repeat. All home sewing needles! While they are making household needles, they are catching up to the unprecedented demand. Yes, our sewing of masks and other needed goods, along with our love of quilting kept the production of SCHMETZ needles in operation. Our love of home sewing & quilting is a mighty force! While we continue to sew, remember to share the love and skill of sewing with others ... kids and adults. Of course, share safely. Stay safe & healthy & sew on ....

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Vice President, Euro-notions

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The world is sewing!
Rhonda from Quilt Canada, 2018 Vancouver Canada.

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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #81

Marti Michell

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We know Marti Michell as a mover & shaker in the quilt industry. International quilter, designer, author, business woman, Craftsy instructor, founder of the wildly popular Schoolhouse Series at International Quilt Market are just a few of Martiís diverse endeavors. Two years ago, Rita Farro & I visited Martiís special exhibit at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln NE. We were awestruck at Martiís vast contributions. Rita Farroís interview captures Martiís remarkable career. Thankfully Marti supplied a timeline too. We feel as if for the first time we are seeing and comprehending Martiís vast contributions to the home quilting industry. Curious, creative, tenacious, professional, all wrapped up into a friendly & kind Marti Michell. Marti is not only a mover & shaker, she is an icon in our wonderful quilt world. Thank you Marti for your kindness and immeasurable contributions to our industry. Click HERE.


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Gemstone Quilts


After seven years of experimentation, MJ Kinman mastered her vision of gemstone quilts. MJ's traditional piecing technique is brilliant and now accessible to everyone. In her new book, Gemstone Quilts, MJ applies cut, color, and clarity for creating luminous quilts. Now you, too, can create a treasure chest of sparkling gem quilts. If you can't wait for her new book, check out MJ's profile in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #62:


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