Needle Primer

SCHMETZ Gold NeedleSCHMETZ quality sewing machine needles have been manufactured to exacting standards since 1851. The choice of discriminating sewers world wide, only SCHMETZ provides the uncompromising, consistent quality that produces the perfect stitch every time. While others attach boutique names to discounted needle products, SCHMETZ pursues an active research and development program to continually improve the performance of its product and ensure that SCHMETZ sewing machine needles consistently exceed the demands of the most challenging sewing applications. The sewing machine needle is the most crucial element in the stitch forming process. In terms of sewing satisfaction, the cost of using a discount brand needle always exceeds the price of purchase.

Needle Size – Home sewing machine needles use a dual designation to represent their size. The first number is the Number Metric (NM) and is simply a measurement of the diameter of the needle shaft in millimeters multiplied by 100 to remove the decimal reference. A sewing machine needle with a diameter of 0.80 mm corresponds to a NM 80. To combine two commonly used measurement systems, the number metric is joined with the corresponding Singer needle number. Thus we always see the NM 75 used in conjunction with the Singer number 11, or 80/12, 90/14 and so forth. As a general rule, always select the needle size to accommodate the thickness of the thread being used and the needle point style to accommodate the type fabric sewn.

Needle Type – With all of the different types of threads and fabrics available today individual creativity is virtually unlimited. Many of these wonderful fabrics and threads come with special requirements for their use. Trying to sew with the wrong needle point or wrong needle size can be very frustrating. Choosing the correct needle point and size in combination with the fabric and thread to be used is essential to obtaining desired results. For every sewing application there is always a “best” needle to use. Taking a few moments to identify that needle can produce a truly satisfying sewing experience.

Why SCHMETZ? – Cheaper carded needles do exist in the market and many of them would like you to believe that they are just as good as SCHMETZ Needles. No other needle manufacturer can match the amount of detail and quality of material that goes into each needle before it leaves the SCHMETZ factory.

Remember . . . not all sewing needles are created equal. Your customers’ sewing machines are only as good as the needles they use! Offer them high quality SCHMETZ Needles for all their sewing needs.